Heroes Never Really Retire, They Just Move On To The Next Best Thing.

You’ve spent your entire career helping other people. And there’s no reason to stop now. But wouldn’t it be nice to help your fellow comrades in arms that started a small business of their own or any small business owners that are currently struggling?

Being a Business Development Consultant is how you can do it.


You had each other's backs for all of those years. There's something different about this line of work that outsiders don't understand.

🔺 ACT QUICK! As a special Thank You, not only will I be paying 🔺

all the upfront training costs, for the first three applicants accepted, I am including a lead generation expert that will do the research to find you additional leads in any niche!

As a person that has served your community and country, one who has sacrificed your family and friends to those who did not even know your name... Your time has come to share your stories of dedication and success and to help small businesses succeed! This opportunity allows you to be paid (quite well!) as a business coach for helping small business in need find $100,000+ in revenue lost in their business!

Every Hero's career, from a Fireman to the Armed Services, has a lot of things in common.

● The boredom of waiting for hours/days/weeks before you are needed.

● The excruciating loneliness of passing this time without your family.

● The terror and pride of being involved in extremely risky work.

It's not like you want to go around explaining this to people. But it's there in your memory. The skills you develop while working in the Hero field translate into the skills needed to build a successful business.

● Persistence

● Grit

● Boldness

That's why this opportunity is so perfect for a Hero like YOU! You capitalize on your strengths while helping others build and succeed at their own business. And helping each other make great money at the same time.

And you might not think making big money is that important.

You see, when you make this kind of money every month… It's like having a superpower that gives you POWER and CONTROL to Live and Give how you want instead of feeling like everything is just happening to you… That power and freedom are what you deserve.

You are somebody who has devoted so many years of your life serving others and missing family time. It's time now for you to help others, make money, and enjoy a life of freedom for yourself and your family.

And with this program, you never have to wonder where your next customer or client is coming from!

After we meet, and we both agree that you are a good fit, and we get you onboard... if you don't get a client within 90 days, we will get one for you!

What's Included:

● Your Own $2 Million Dollar Done-For-You ONLINE Coaching System

● A personally branded coach's website and an academy website - all you do is give us your business name, bio, and a picture of you. It's delivered within three weeks.

● Membership site with an E-Learning System and Resource Library - there is no need to spend three months recording your own videos and training. DFY (done for you!) is a beautiful thing.

● Group Coaching Platform - Your clients get weekly training via email - you don't need to spend your coaching time doing the training, you can help them implement it. And we all know that's where the magic begins.

● Instant Author Program - A customized business book written for you! - Builds instant credibility.

● Training for you to make offers so good your prospects would feel stupid saying no... You will teach your clients the same method.

● The tools to build successful marketing campaigns for any type of business.

● Training So You Can Generate All The High Dollar Coaching Clients You Can Handle

● The ability to coach ANY business... ANYWHERE in the world

● AND So Much More!

The Coaching Industry:

$100 Billion Dollar Industry

Growing At Unprecedented Levels and Estimated to Double By End Of 2021

High Net Profits

Massive Opportunity For Growth

Freedom to Work Hours You Want From Where you Want

Low Tech Low Stress

Never a better time to be in the coaching profession.

U.S. business applications went through the roof last quarter, according to a new report from the Census Bureau. Covidpreneurs filed more than 1.5 million applications for Employer Identification Numbers (EINs) in Q3, a 77.4% increase from Q2.

It’s not just a big increase from Q2...it’s also a big increase from when there wasn’t a pandemic. In late September, business applications passed 3.2 million for 2020.

At the same point in 2019, 2.7 million applications had been filed.

In fact, new businesses are being formed at the fastest pace in more than a decade, writes the WSJ.

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Small Business Owners Are In Need of Help!

We are in Immediate Need of Business Coaches and Consultants With A HERO Background!

  •  Military: Active Duty, Reservist, National Guard, Retired, Veteran
  • ​Law Enforcement: Police Officer, Prison Guard, State Trooper, County Sheriff, Border Patrol, Retired
  •  Health Care Professionals: Doctor, Nurse, Technician, Nurses Aide, Home Health Aide
  • ​​EMS & First Responders: Ambulance, EMT, Dispatch
  • ​​Firefighters: Active, Retired, Volunteer
  • ​Teachers: Preschool, Pre K-12, Teachers Aide, Public or Private
  • Are you already in the coaching business? We will get you all the leads you can handle and a system that will keep your clients around for years rather than months!
Those people who have dedicated their career and their lives to helping people, whether in their own community, a neighboring community, or even a community on the other side of the world.

Are You Ready To Learn Now?

About Me

Nice to meet you. I'm Daron Stenvold. I am a United States Marine Corp Gulf War Veteran. I get what it's like to leave the world of selfless service to others and join civilian life.

You still want to help people. But you need to support your family at the same time.

Not only have I made millions of dollars for my clients, I've also made a very comfortable life for my family in the process.

Our coaches have helped more than 5000 small business clients. I'm the author of 3 books that document the procedures I've used to help my clients increase their profits by up to $500,000/year.

This is because my team gets results while everyone else talks. I put my own methods to work and have attracted so many clients that I cannot keep up with the demand. In order to live the life of freedom that I want, I need more Hero consultants to get on board.

After I got out of the Marines, I went into the world of sales, and rose to management and director level positions. My wife and I then purchased an all-season resort in Minnesota. We grew it from a $300k/year resort to $1.4m/year. But then there was COVID. With closures, restrictions, and lack of employees, we were working ourselves to death and missing out on time with our children. The opposite of what we wanted.

I walked away from the resort, taking a total loss. 15 years of investment wiped away. All because I wanted a life of freedom with my family. It was a struggle at first. I went from buying expensive vehicles and doing what I wanted to wondering how I would pay the mortgage.

I used all of my past experience from the Marines and sales to partner with this industry leading coaching organization. I'm a member of two local chamber groups and recently received the President's Award for my Outstanding Service to the community and chamber. I was a member of the leaders council during my time at Lucent technologies (top 1%). I led all of my teams in corporate life to the top 3 in sales and myself to #1 almost every time.

I get to use all of these accomplishments to live a much more relaxed life now and enjoy raising my kids. I get to be active in their school and their activities, while also doing the things I love. You can find me building things, hunting, and sport shooting.

Daron Stenvold
Daron Stenvold

Look at These Results!

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Karl and Adrian - I just want to say thank you for putting together such a simple coaching system and making it available to other coaches like me that actually helps us guarantee my clients will succeed. Most of the other coaching programs I have been a part of do what they can to help coaches succeed… but they have nothing to do with helping our clients to be successful.

Your program is a breath of fresh air, especially because I want to help Christian business owners to be more successful and to overcome their high failure rate. It's time to change that once and for all. Thanks for all you do.

Matthew Miglin

When I did my Due Diligence before signing up my membership I was very impressed with what I saw which is why I signed up. But I have to confess (with apologies) that I was somewhat skeptical about whether LPW and your team could possibly deliver on everything that I had seen and heard about during my Due Diligence. Well... the jury's back in . . . and the finding is that the LPW membership and all that it offers is even better than I thought possible! How good is it to FINALLY have one's high expectations exceeded!

Alan Mitrovich

I just had the thrill of my life... signed up my very first $48,000 coaching client today !!! He has also agreed to become a Joint Venture Partner as well and actively promote my webinar next week.

All of this has happened within 4 days of my E-Learning System going live !!! Super happy and huge thanks to this amazing business !!! Just wish I found you guys earlier !!!!

Brian Wilkinson

Thought I would let you know I got 114 people into a room for a one day seminar.... and wound up selling 87 of them a USD $1,200 12 month DIY coaching membership. That's $104,400 for a one day session. I LOVE you guys!

SJ Pretorius

I had put this weekend aside to do the Coaches Training. I have just finished Day 1 and can I tell you, after having done 2 university degrees (as a mature age student), a CPA qualification and dozens of conferences and seminars, I've got to say this day provided me with the single most valuable information for helping my small business clients.

Sue McKeen

$170,000.00+ in online memberships in 8 months...

Since March 1st my wife Wendy and I have sold over $170,000 in online memberships to our E-Learning System. We've set a target of $80,000 from now to the 15th of December so we can have a bit of a Christmas break.

Darrell Weekes


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